Sunday, January 15, 2012

Oops, my mistake

The last blog post I sent out was that Nick's Pday changed to Thursday from Monday, I was wrong!  Last week it switched to Thursday because they wanted to plan a trip to the temple so it was just for that week.  So Reggie and Nick's emails will be coming on Mondays like they always have been.  Sorry for the confusion. 

Also feel free to email them!  I know that letters can be time consuming, but it is so quick to write an email.  I am pretty sure they can email back, but I don't know how much time they have on the computer so you may not get an email back.  If you give your address in the email you send I am sure they will write you a letter in response.  It really means a lot to them to get something, so please, please write!  Their address and emails are on the right side of the blog, just scroll down and you will see it.  Thanks everyone! 

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