Thursday, January 12, 2012

Elder Crump

How are you all!'?  I hope you are having the best day!  So crazy stuff happened this past week!!  WE HAD 4 BAPTISMS!!!!  It was so awesome!  SInce the day i got out in the field, we started teaching The Gozmen Family.  They have 4 daughters, and a mom and a dad!  So right away we commited them to baptism and they were way excited, and they started preparing!  So they had there interviews, and they all passed!  Its only the dad, Royelio, and two of his daughters that are getting baptized.  His other two are really young, and his wife is already a member, but very inactive!  So after they got interviewed, the zone leader told me that Hermano Royelio wants me to baptize him!  I was like What! Me!  He said yeah he really wanted you to baptize him!  I was so happy, because he has always been so nice to me, and really patient with my spanish!  Haha he always laughed at me when i first talked to him!  Haha my spanish was terrible when i first got here!  But anyway i was so excited!  Oh yeah the other baptism is Josue, the 9 year old from another family!  He is a little punk, but he is an awesome kid!  He was so excited to get baptized! So the day of the baptism, we had to go to the chapel and get everything ready.  We need to clean the font, and fill it up!  So when we get there we open the doors, and the font is filled with dirty water with bugs and nasty stuff in it!  So i was expecting to you know pull the plug to drain the water, or press a button or something, but then i saw that there was no drain!!  So because i had the longest legs i had to jump into the font to open the door, and because i was already wet( funny how that worked out) i had to get back into the water and fill up buckets and hand them to others while they take them to the shower drain!  It took forever, and i was so dirty, and wet!! But its for the baptizms!!!  So after that we cleaned it, and then filled it up.  (You know how that is dad)  It took forever!  We spent like a total of 4 hours doing all this! So then we had the baptism.  It was awesome, we were both so nervous, but everything went perfect!  I said his name correctly, and the baptism prayer!  The water was so freezing, but we didnt care the spirit was so strong. And when he came out of the water he had the biggest smile on his face, and he gave me a big hug, and said gracias Elder Crump, Gracias!  It was the most incredible expirence i have ever had!! 
So about my comp! His name is elder blas, and he is from Trujio Peru!  He has been out for a year now, and he is such a funny guy!!  He has been helping me so much with my spanish, and i have been helping him with his english!!!  He has made this place so fun, and he knows the area really well, he has been here for 7 months just in independencia!!! I love that you guys are doing that fundraiser!  There really are so many missionaries, who really have nothing!  Being here, and seeing how people live has been such a humbling expirence.  Many people have nothing, but it doesnt stop them from happy!  The people and the members here are so friendly!!  Every day we go to a different members house for Lunch!!!  They make us so much food, and its really all they have.  Its so sad, but they love helping the missionaries!!! I love it here!  It is such an amzing place filled with wonderful people!!!  I cannot tell you how much heavenly father has blessed me on this mission!  Oh yeah I met with bob again and it went great!!!  He headed back to the states today so i sent a refferal for other missionaries to find him in new jersey!!!  I tell you more next week!!!  I love you guys so much i am so grateful for all of you!! you are always in my prayers!!!  Stay safe i love you all!!!
All my Love,

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