Monday, January 23, 2012

Elder Collins

Hey, So this week was kind of hard. I have been feeling really homesick and just missing you guys. A big part of it i think is i have regrets about how i was at home..Mom i regret so much the kind of brother i was to myles and max. i just feel like i wasnt there for them and that i wasnt cool and nice to them. I feel like i didnt spend enough time with you guys and was always with my friends. im so worried that they are going to change so much and i wont be able to make it up to them and hang out with them but im doing better trying so hard to control my thoughts and just have positive ones! by saturday i was feeling a little better but its just so hard in the mornings when i wake up thinking im home then im not. Try not to change at all! or just the tiniest bit because you know i dont like change very much! ya i got your byu shirts and cookies last week and i got like 2 from you this week! i havent opened them yet but it sort of feels like peanut butter! haha :) i got one from debby too. did you tell everyone about mailing stuff now? not to use the one part of the mailing address?
So we tried to go to the temple. We got on the bus paid and everything and i realized i didnt have my freaking temple recommend. so we jumped off and the rest of the zone would just wait for us there! so we paid for a bus to go back to our place and get my recommend. Took three more buses to central Lima and we get to the gates of the temple and my recommend isnt in my pocket anymore! are you freaking kidding me!!!! i have no idea where it went. it was my comps last time going to the temple with this zone and he couldnt so i felt bad and bought him lunch. I am kind of ashamed of this week i feel like we did not accomplish nearly as much stuff as i wanted to! My comp is kind of getting lazier but im trying to be elder calhoon! i baptized rubi gutierrez this last saturday and it was a way cool expirience! also i got bit by a dog but it didnt break the skin so im all good! i hate every single dog in this country, there all from satan. But im glad its P day and were going to go buy some stuff maybe i can buy an x box or something! haha jokes. Love You all so much!!!! Thanks for everything! Reg

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