Monday, January 23, 2012

Elder Crump

HEY!  How is everyone doing?  Its so crazy I cannot believe i have already been out a month in the field!!  Seriously time is flying by!  I am loving this place! Every day is a new adventure!!  Im jealous you guys went up to wolf creek!  I dont think i have ever been, but it sounds fun!  Oh i am jealous though of the skiing!  And the snow!!  haha its sounds like you guys had a good time, good im glad, just dont have too much fun without me!:)  Haha so everything is going so good here!  So more to the story about Bob Duffy!!  So i was in my 2nd lesson with him, and we were talking about the gospel of Jesus Christ, and we were reading in the Book of Mormon together.  He was loving everything that i was saying!  The spirit was so strong!  And then we got to the verse in 2 Nephi 31 about baptizm, and i was about to pop the question, but then he asked me how many times have I been baptized?  I told him once when i was 8, and he said well i have been baptized 2 twice.  Once when i was little in the catholic church, and other into your church!!  I was like what!!  He is already been baptized, and is a member!!  But here is the tricky part, the first missionaries that contacted him taught him one lesson, and asked him to be baptized, and that was it!!  They didnt teach him anything else!!  He honestly knew nothing about the church he was a member of!  I couldnt believe it!!  The missionaries only wanted to add another baptism to their numbers!  I was so happy i was able to talk with him, and to be able to help him understand, and learn more!  It makes me sad to know that there is missionaries like that out here, but i know as long as im not one of them ill be good!!  So it was really good, i was to meet with him 3 times, and i got all of his information, and i set up a reference for the missionaries in New Jersey to teach him more, and get him and his wife to know the ward in their area!  It still was such an amazing expirence, and i will never forget my 3 lessons in english!! 
So the language is coming!!  I feel so much more comfortable talking now!!  Im mean i still am not that good, but im able to teach all the lessons, so thats good!!  The hard part for me is understanding what they are saying back to me.  When they talk really fast, i have no idea what they are saying but when they slow it down, its a lot easier!  Just a little bit each day!!  So the other day we went on exchanges, where i went to another area for a day and slept over with another missionary in my district!  It was awesome because he is one of my favorites!!  Its Elder Rivera from equador!  He speaks pretty good english!!  Guess how he learned...By watching FRIENDS!!!  He is my dream companion!!  haha  that sounds weird but he is an awesome guy!!  So it was fun being in a new area!  I was a little bit frustrated at first, because he was like you are doing all the talking!  Ill follow you!  So when we went to give a lesson, he wouldnt talk!!  So i had to begin, it was difficult at first, but as the day went on it was so good!!  I felt so much more comfortable talking!!  Heavenly Father definatley was helping me out there!
So Guess what Elder Blas is being transfered to the Jungle!!  I was like what!  Your my trainer! He said dont worry you´ll get another, but you need to be the one to know the area, the investigators, and all the members....WHAT?  I have only been here a month!  I was a little bit stressed out, but then i remembered what dad said, how whatever my mission president says or does, its direction from the Lord.  So that was helpful!  But then i found out just today, that not only is Elder Blas getting transfered, but me as well!!  I guess some missionaries were sent home and they need to do a change!!!  Were leaving on Feb. 7  I have no idea where, hopefully they will tell us soon!!  But im excited, it could be the jungle!! 
So This past sunday was the greatest!!  We had 3 investigators come to church, Hermana Erika, Hermana Palacid, and Hermana Isabelle!  I was honestly so shock to see them!! Also The Cayan family came to church!!!  Everyone one except the mom!!  Frustrating, but hey its a start!  Also i got to teach the mission prep, recent converts, investigators class in sunday school!  I had to do it all by myself!  Elder Blas said it was my turn!!  So i taught about the importance of the restuaration, and it actually went really well!  Heavenly Father is seriously blessing me here!
So other day i got one of the packages that you sent, it was a little one with cookies, and propel packets.  And today i just got a big white one, and another small one!!  Haha Finally!!  Yeah its true about the package thing, that reg said.  I guess when you dont put that its sends it directly to the mission home!!
Oh yeah also i forgot to tell you i am teaching an English class now on wednesday nights!!  Its for all ages, and for members, and investigators!!  Everyone is really excited for it!  Its cool because we have been telling people about it, and its helping the investigators become interested!!
We have about 8 progressing family investigators right now, and it makes me sad that we wont be here to get them baptized, but as long as they get baptized and live the gospel of Jesus Christ thats all that matters!!!
Thats awesome about stacy!! And Mitch!  What is it with all these double missions!! haha  Tell korb i love him, and good luck in his farewell!  I cant wait to get a letter from him!!  Also if you see mr Alex olsen tell him to get his butt in gear and write me back!! Its been three months!!  haha
Hopefully next week i will be able to send you pictures!!  I have so many!!!
So how is everything at home!!  So the patriots are in the superbowl, now that stinks, but i bet shay is happy!!  Im so happy you guys are enjoying yourselves!  Congrats on your new calling mom!!  haha i love it!  I love you guys so much and i am so grateful for all of you!!  Stay safe, and know that all of you are in my prayers.  Thank you for all the letters, and packages!! They really are amazing and they mean so much!!
All my Love,

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