Monday, January 16, 2012

Elder Crump

Familia y Amigos
How are you all!! Sorry about the confusion about last week, ill try to find out next time!  Haha i told my comp that mom would have a little freak out when she didnt get an email till thurdsay!!  Sorry mom i hope you were ok!! Oh dont worry about the water i didnt have any open sores and it wasnt too bad!  Haha there is no way the lord would let me get sick, by cleaning out a baptism font!!  haha so i have so many pictures i want to send to you!  But i dont have a cord!  Did you say that you sent one to me to put my memory card in?  If not i need one!  So i havent recieved any packages yet...or the christmas card or the card from grandma.  I dont know what happened, you might have to send them again?  They say sometimes things just get lost in the mail, but who knows it just might take a long time. But i let you know if any come!:)  So this week has been good!  Its only been like 4 days since i last emailed, but it was awesome!  So along with investigators, we have been visiting less active members.  One of my favorite families is the Cayan Family.  The Dad is the only one who is active, and The mom, (Norma) and the 7 daughters (7 daughters! Can you believe that ugh i have a headache just thinking about it!! haha)  anyway they are less active.  So the first time we met with them i only said a couple words.  It was the 2nd day in the field, and i was nervous!  Haha so anyway ever since then they alway tease me about how i never talk, i just smile, and nod!! haha so anyway we have been visiting them a lot, and they are so awesome!  The youngest daughter is 4 and she is so funny she kept bringing out her toys everytime we come, and is always wanting me to play with her!  And your gonna die when you hear this...her name is sammy!  I am not joking!!  And the other day at dinner she said ¨Quiero Elder Cumb jugar con mi!¨  Haha all the way in peru i found another sammy!  haha i love it!!  But anyway we are having the whole family come to church with us next week so we´ll see how that goes!  So yeah everything is going good!  I feel more comfortable each day in spanish.  I still dont know a lot but i can understand a lot more, even the old ladies who have no teeth!!  I am loving the food here!!  I have gained 10 pounds!!  I know me gaining weight!! i love it!! They definatley keep us well fed here!  Im never hungry! haha 
So here is some questions i have for you guys!
Whats the situation with bradford?
Has korb got my letters if so tell to write me back!!
How is maegan K doing, and did she get my letter?
Oh yeah i already ripped my suit pants, dont worry im getting them fixed!!
Did dan collette finish the choice rings he was making for me? Will you ask him?
So anyway everything is going so good!  We have been visiting the Gozmen family a lot lately getting them ready for the temple!  They are so excited!  They are already saving money to make the trip!  This family literally has nothing they have daughters, and they live in a half card board, half flmsy wood house!  They are so amazing, and they work so hard everyday to keep food on the table!  He works all through the night, and she works half the day!  I am so happy you are doing this fundraiser! There really are so many missionaries here with nothing!  They come from families like this and even though they dont have much, they still srive to serve their lord, and serve a mission!  Its truly a humbling expirence to see their faith in the lord, and i am truly honored to have known them!  Any way last night we taught them about Family Home Evening!  They loved it!  We sang a hymn, had a prayer, we gave a lesson on patriaticle blessings, which i taught!! Then the best part we played games!  The little kids loved it, and it was so fun to share what we used to do when we were little!  Everything is going great, we have quite a few new investigators that we are comminting to baptism.  Pedro, Tomas, Marisa, and a couple more!  So pray for them, and their families that they will know the truth!!
I love you all so much im so happy to hear you are doing wonderful!!  Stay safe!
All my Love,

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