Monday, January 2, 2012

Elder Collins

    Wow what a week! I was so happy to be able to call you guys! the only problem is i keep thinking i get to call home every week! Ah the classic last minute party at our house..nice. I knew i would happen as soon as i leave everyone gets all i phoned and i paded up!! thats ok because i like my sweet rock that i pretend is my cell phone anyway. You guys have no idea how crazy New Years is here!!! I have never seen so much fireworks in my entire life put together. its looked like iraq here and i was almost riotish. People took there old furniture out in the streets and just set them on fire! and im pretty sure one family set there house on fire. it was super hard to sleep because they make homeade bombs and set them off every 20 min so we stayed up and watched the fireworks it was insane! we had to stay in after like 6 because people get crazy drunk. the next morning there were people passed out on the sidewalk while we were walking to church haha classic. Well so far i like the field a lot more than the mtc! Its just not as depressing i think. Well you heard about those three kids we were going to baptize this sunday, well we might have to push it back a week because the oldest son might have had a few on new years eve. So this might sound cheesy but i think its the coolest thing that has happened to me so far. so we were proslighting and we were just walking up these giant stairs and we were passed a house and i got a feeling that we needed to knock that door. i remember reading your first instinct is the spirit so you need to follow it. so i said lets go back to that house. Long story short. the wifes parents are members living in cali and they were super nice and had a lot of questions that we answered and they are going to be baptized. its a couple with one 10 year old daughter. We dont have a date yet because they arent married ( of course!) but we are going to teach them again tonight so i hope all goes well, im excited to see if they want to. haha its kind of one of those typical missionary stories but i loved it. On sunday we got the Gutierrez family (the family with the 3 kids were going to baptize) to come to church but the awkward part was we told them it was at 8 and they changed the time to 11. You would think they would tell the missionaries that! but they came back later. Today is Pday! we are totally taking a bus and getting all the missionaries together and going to Chilies! im so excited! no rice today! I got a medium sized package i dont think its the peanut butter yet but im excited to open it! i feel like mail here is super delayed! we get a little more email time so thats good and we go to a place were a guy just rents out his computers. they switched my medication so i hope it still does the same thing.. Its so hot here! i am constantly sweating! tell shay and brendon congrats. I love you all so much and hope that you are doing great. Have a great week be safe and have fun. thanks for all that you always do for me and send me..means the world.

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