Monday, March 5, 2012

Elder Collins

Hey Family,
So this week was kind of a make it or break it week for some of our main investigators to be able to get baptized before Araya left. They all just needed to attend church and all would have been good to go. We fasted for them and everything and sadly they didnt show. So it looks like im going to have to take care of it after Araya goes home. The one girl Kati ended up not being able to get baptized on saturday because the bishop decided she needed to wait another week. But i did baptize my number one fan on saturday. He is a little chubby boy named Leandro. He is really funny and goofy. When we got into the font he was so nervous he started to go under the water before i even started the prayer. I just started laughing but it was all good. I got invited to the blessing for the confirmation at church too and usually its just the bishopric so that was pretty cool. So let me tell you about fast sunday here. We end up fasting for more than 24 hours because our church is so long. So church ends and were both just super weak and tired and its incredibly hot. We went to the members house that had us for lunch and it ended being super far away at the top of the stairs of doom. I have never felt so pathetic in my life climbing stairs. Must be how the biggest looser contestants feel the first day on the show. So we finally sit down to eat and she told us she forgot that she was feeding us but luckily she had some nice leftover rice and beans from the dinner last night. I didnt even care i just wanted a drink so she pours us both some juice and of course it´s boiling hot because you got to boil the water to kill all the bacteria. I never wanted just an apple and water so bad in my life. I know this all because i complained so much at home about everything. So let this be a warning to those who complain, one day you will eat rice beans with hair in it and very hot juice on the top of a mountain in peru.
That is incredibly sad about Brandon. He was a good guy and was a good example in our ward. I wish his family the best and will be praying for them. Today we are going to  Lima Central so Araya can get some stuff before he leaves, he leaves on the 20th , I am realizing that I am going to miss him, its weird that he is going home. It feels like thats not aloud! So I cant figure out how to send pictures without using my memory card, I sent that to you, i am praying that it gets to you!! I am going to buy a new one today, is there anything you want from Peru? Thanks for the rice krispie treats there amazing! I cant think of anything I need, I like a good surprise! Well Love you!!! Miss you!!! Have a great week!  Reg

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