Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Elder Collins

So there I was just sitting in the in the last hour (sacrament meeting) of our first ward. The first counselor gets up and announces we will now hear from Elder Araya and Elder Bush. First of all what the heck? Ive been here 3 months and they still don't know my name? Second of all we had no idea that we were speaking! Ya so I just went up there and tried to remember the talk I gave two weeks ago. I was so nervous and I was stumbling with words and when i tried to read from the scriptures I couldn't pronounce anything! It was so hot and i was so nervous i just started sweating ridiculously. It was super embarrassing and I could just see people laughing at me. Someone in the front row even handed me a handkerchief. I'm almost positive nobody even paid attention to what i said just the fact that i was so nervous. On that note, hows it going? So its my last week with Araya. Kind of sad he really is a good friend. And it´s way weird because I keep thinking that i should be packing too but i still got a ways to go. We visited an awesome family that was Arayas first baptisms and they were so cool. There getting ready to go through the temple in a month or so! They are really rich for Peru so they took us to a way nice place to eat. The only problem is we ate goat and rabbit and yet again my stomach has been destroyed so that bathroom is my best friend again. (Hear that Taz rabbit, there bigger than you, Im so going to eat you) This week i think we are going to buy a lot of stuff for some of his souvenirs. Our families are doing good , its kind of a bummer that we wont be having all the baptisms we were supposed to before Araya leaves. We might be having one on Sat. but we have to wait and see. Honestly I don't think we are doing a lot of teaching this week because I think we are visiting people and saying goodbye.  Its starting to hit him that its all over, its sad and he says its really weird! He doesn't believe that they will let him leave. After this week I am no longer being trained, that's a scary thought huh? but I will be used to changing Comps. and then get into the real motions of the mission! Sometimes I feel like I really love the people here and that I am adjusting to life here, then something will happen or i will see or hear something and I dont love it as much! I think the Jungle sounds cool, I hear that it is so beautiful and green! The only problem is there are spiders, Araya said that there are always flash storms that are amazing and more lightning then you have ever seen in your life, so ya a lot to see and a lot to still do ! We are gong to the zoo today so maybe I will buy a monkey or something! I love you and hope your all doing well. Especially all those girls that are writing me! Ha Ha thats a  joke. . Any who have a great week everybody.  Love, Reg

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