Monday, March 26, 2012

Elder Collins

 So this week Araya went home. It was kind of sad for me because he really is a good friend. My new comp is named E. Lazaro. And honestly i dont know his true personality yet. He is from Peru and is just waiting for his visa to go to mexico. He has had super lazy days this week and days where he is nice, days where he is rude ,and days he was a rebel.( he tries to watch t.v.) So i have a week more than him in the mission so it is kind of weird for me that he is the senor comp and the district leader. It´s funny because he changes so much around the zone leaders. I am not sure i know who he is. Also im showing the area to him so i make all the apt. but he will always question what im doing. I dont know, overall he is cool and decently normal but he just is really annoying me right now. But i will try to love him! He can be nice he is just super bossy! He thinks the way we do things isnt right. But its way cool having Nick in my zone. Im literally looking at him right now. He just gave me a wink, this is getting weird...  We are going to try to do some splits this week so that will be cool! Well we did a ton of visiting inactive members this week so hopefully we can strengthen our wards up a little bit. I am so pumped for conference, too bad i cant just watch in shorts and eat food the whole time but hey i heard we get to watch it in english! Tell Sam hi and that i love him and that he is my brother and thats all that matters!!  Oh and thank you Millers for the wall charger that is way cool and i totally needed that! I am sending you a letter! You guys are the best! So the last pics i sent of my house i noticed that you probably could not see it so here is another one, then there are some goodbye Araya pictures and a random turtle picture. Thanks for all you guys do for me i love you guys so much and hope you have a great week!

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