Monday, March 5, 2012

Elder Crump

Familia y Amigos,
Este pasado semana...haha just kidding no really this past week has been awesome!!  So on tuesday we had a training in the offices with all 5 zones in lima, and guess who´s zone was there!!  REG!!  It was so good to see him!  He looks so skinny!  Haha when we were talking we kept going back and forth with english and spanish!  Haha it sounds like he is doing awesome!!  It was so fun to hang out with him all day!  So in the training we had to teach lesson 1 in front of the president and his wife, and our zone leaders.  So E. Olguin and i were teach a couple of missionaries, and Hermana Blunck comes and sits down right next to me!!  I was nervous!  Lesson 1 is my favorite lesson, and i know it really well, but when she came i wanted to be my best!  It turned out to be really good!  The spirit was there even though it was just a practice!  So after they told us how we did and gave us advice on how we can be better.  They said it really was good!  We work well together, and that my spanish really has improved!  I definatly make mistakes but its getting better!!  So then it was Hermana Bluncks turn to talk!  She said she loved it!  It seemed like we really  knew what we were talking about.  Haha then she turned to me and said Elder, you need to smile more!  Haha you looked so serious throughout the whole lesson!!  Haha i was like darn it i was so focused on hearing, and saying the right things i forgot to smile!! haha she said that i have a great smile, and i need to use it!  Thats my weapon she said!  haha then after she was like im sorry i wasnt trying to pick on you!  I totally understand what you are going through!  Right now im learning spanish too, and i forget to smile because im thinking about what they are saying and what to say next! haha  So now i make sure i always am smiling!!  Overall the training was good!  We did a lot of practices, and i really learned a lot!
So guess what!  I got Robbed!! haha  No one came up to me, someone broke into our house!  We think it might be our landlords kids!  I had 50 soles in my wallet in my desk drawer, and all of a sudden it was gone!!  So now i hide my money in my suitcases, and we make sure everything is locked up, doors, windows, everything!!  I was so mad because it was the last of my money for the month i only had like 10 soles for 3 days!!!  Dont worry if it happens again, then we i think are going to move!! Out landlords are nice, but always try and cheat us out of our money, saying we owe more! 
So back to the good stuff!!  So we heading to one of our appointments, and when we got there they cancelled, so i was like lets go visit Miguel!  He is a contact that we have only taught once!  I dont know why i wanted to visit him so bad, i just felt like we should go!!  So when we got there, his mom was there too!  She Finally wasnt busy, so she listened!!!  It was such a good lesson, and she really want to know the truth!!  Gotta love the spirit!  So we set up another appointment for the next day, and when we went we met his sister, and his cousin!!  3 new investigators!! 
So we got another reference from Jon (our mission leader!)  His name is Manuel.  He came looking for us!!  Best day!  We taught him, and he loved it!!  And in the middle of his lesson his mom came in so she listened too!!  Right away he was like when can i get baptized?  haha it was awesome!!  He says he has been waiting to hear this his whole life, and he knows its true!  I was so amazed!!  He is planning on 24 of March for his date!!  Also his mom loved it!  She talked about how she has been to a lot of churches in her life.  She liked the lessons, the songs, everything, but she said something was always missing.  But whenever she talks to one of us she says she feels what she has been missing.  The spirit.  It was such a powerful lesson.  SHe loved what we had to say and she doesnt have a date, but if she recieves her answer she wants to get baptized with her son!  I honestly couldnt believe it!  We were so blessed to meet them!  Heavenly Father is blessing us i ways that i cannot even explain!  When you teach that one lesson, or bear testimony of that principle, and you see their eyes light up, and goose bumps appear on their arms, you know the spirits there, and what a blessing that is!!
So kelly is well on her way for the 10th!  She is amazing!!  I dont know how many people are being baptized, but its at least 10!  GIpsi is progressing, but she didnt attend church, so we had to push back her date!  Frustrating, but i know Heavenly Father will help her!
BRENDON!!! I am so happy for him!!  I have been praying like crazy for you dude!  I fasted for you buddy!!  Im so happy for you man!  That really is so awesome!!
KORBAN IS A STUD!!   I printed off his emails, along with yours, he sounds so good!!  He is already such a good missionary!!  Im so happy for him!!  Ps he said he was gonna send a letter did he?  I havent gotten any packages, or letters for 3 weeks... i dont know why?  Ill ask, and ill keep a look out!  My Comp is a Large shirt size!  Tell Lexi i say hi, and im still waiting for a letter!  I wrote her 4 months ago!!  What the heck!  Haha its ok i have patience!!  But tell her to get on it!  Im miss my best friend!!
Hey i love you guys so much!!  Your all im my prayers!  I hope you have the best week!! Thank you for everything!!!!
I have been so blessed!  I love being out here its such a blessing!!!
All my Love,

"Look who i saw!!!"
"Future cover of peru lima norte magazine!"

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