Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Elder Crump

This week was AMAZING!!! But first ill will answer some questions. So the robbery wasn't too bad! I now hide everything!! How does the money thing work i never know how much I can take out? I'm sorry if it freaked you out, don't worry were safe!! So last week after I emailed you my zone leaders gave me the package and some letters!! Haha i loved the random package! Girls scout cookies never tasted so good!! I love the choice ring, and I have never smelt better now with my new lotion! haha So i just think reg lost weight just with all the walking and working out!! Dont worry he looks good!!! So Noche Blanco!! So at the beginning of the week we had 10 baptisms! Then by saturday 2 cancelled so we only had 8 set for the whole zone! So we were supposed to start at 630 but lets not forget we are in Peru, and everyone didn't even show up until 730! And 3 more baptisms didn't show up!!! But don't worry our Kelly was the first one there, on time, and ready to go!! She is amazing!!! So We had everything set. I said the opening prayer, which i nailed!! If there is one thing i know how to do, its pray in Spanish! haha everyone always has me pray in lessons. They want to hear me talk!! Haha so after Elder Purvis and Elder Ortega (The Black and White Elders!) Gave talks on baptism and the Holy Ghost. Oh yeah by the way we had a ton of members there!!! It was awesome!! So After we had a musical number, by us!! We were split into 2 groups singing a child's prayer!! Every time we practiced we did terrible!! I kid you not it was not good!! But when when we started singing, it was perfect!! It brought such an amazing spirit!! We were all on tune, and I seriously was so surprised!! Heavenly Father really helped us on that one!! SO after we went into the baptisms! Elder Olguin baptized Kelly, but it was cool, because I got to baptize one of the little girls from a family of Elder Robles, and Elder Zuniga´s ward. She was so little she came up to my waist!! Her name was Rubi Kathrine Salazar Cruz. She was so nervous, and so was I! But everything went perfect!! I was able to say her name right and the prayer!! The spirit was amazing!! She was so happy when she came out of the water!! The water was up to her neck it looked like she was swimming!! haha And when Kelly Got baptized made my whole day!! Her face was so happy!! She couldn't wait to get in that water!! After everyone was baptized they let whoever wanted to, to bear their testimony. Kelly was the only one who got up!! She bore such a wonderful testimony!! I have never been so happy!! She has come so far! She Started out being this timid, girl who really didn't know what she wanted, to being a strong member of the church who has a strong testimony, and isn't afraid to share it!!! I seriously have never been so happy!! I truly know how much Heavenly Father loves all of us!! Our other investigators are doing great, the problem is just coming to church!!! Don't worry well work on them!!! I sent a letter to Corinne, and can you send me korbs address!! I'm excited for lexi´s letter!! Ill keep a look out for your packages!! I love you so much!! Thank you for everything!! Whats new? Hows the job going bren? Keep me updated!!! I love you all so much!!!
 All my Love,
 Ps we are going to the zoo today!! Cant wait!! Love you!!!

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