Monday, March 19, 2012

Elder Crump

Today is my final day in Independencia!!!  I am getting transferred!!!  Its in another part in Lima!  I think near reg!! But i don't know!  Im sad, but excited!!! 
So this week has been awesome!!  So to start out the zoo was so fun!!  haha its pretty normal, except there is no cages they just have animals roaming around... haha just kidding!  No it pretty much the same as Hogal, but there is a little amusement park there!!  It was fun i got to see elder Richardson!  Remember him!  Haha the dorky, but awesome kid from Utah!  haha  I took a ton of pictures ill send some!!  So This past week was awesome!!  We had another training with Presidente Blunck!  This time it was focused on the plan of salvation!  I love but, hate teaching that lesson!  I know lesson 1 and 3 like the back of my hand, but for some reason i always have problems with my spanish in lesson 2!  So When we got there i saw reg, which was awesome!  Then we went right into it!!  We learned some good stuff, and practiced it!!  Then we had to do the evaluation!!  So we got split into groups, and had to teach the plan of salvation in front of either a zone leader, presidente, or an assistant.  Of course we get the assistant, and president watching us!!!! I at this point was saying a million prayers in my head!!  So they taught first, and did really good.  They gave them advice on what to do better!  So then it was our turn!  I have never been so blessed in a lesson.  My voice was filled with words.  I was saying things that i honestly didnt know were Spanish words.  I was asking questions, using examples, my compy and i were teaching in unity and most importantly, i smiled the WHOLE time!!  I was so happy!!  It was such a good lesson!!  The spirit was so strong!!  We nailed the test!!  And those of you who have seen my ACT score, im terrible at testing!!  I truly felt the spirit so strongly!!  I love that in any moment Heavenly Father is there for me!!  Im very grateful for that, but we need to also remember that we shouldnt only pray when we need something, or when something is urgent, but pray every day with a thankful heart.  I have gained such an amazing testimony of prayer!!  So after that we practiced contacting!!  Ugh!!  hahah no it was good!  We had to think of different ways of contacting!!  So guessed who evaluated me... Presidente!!  AHHH! haha no it was good i was nervous but both him, and the assistants said that my spanish seriously has improved!!  They liked my contacting!!  So after we all were in one group again, and presidente was asking for volunteers to show how they contact alone, infront of everyone!!  So a bunch of expirenced missionaries went up, and did some pretty funny contacts!!  Then all of a sudden, Presidente turns to me and says Elder Crump, your turn!!  I Just sat there with a blank stare on my face!!  haha i was freaking out!!  So i Just grabbed a random Phamplet, and turned to a random page!!  Once again i was blessed!!  I just went up and talked!!  Made a joke, we laughed, it was amazing!!  I have never been so happy!!! Haha then he had reg do it too!! He did awesome!! His spanish is really coming along!!  It was a stressful day, but so rewarding!!  Also i got to hang out with reg all day!!!
So we have a bunch of new investigatiors for the next couple of weeks, im sad to leave!!  Especially with all the baptisms with dates we have for this next month!!  But its ok im supposed to get transfered for a reason!!  I have loved independencia!!  I really am going to miss them!  The members have been like my family!!!  I got the other package, with the hair stuff and peanut butter!!
I love you guys so much i hope you are having the best week!!!  Oh ps mothers day i think we just get to call, only on Christmas we get to skype, but ill find out for sure!!  Whatever you guys want to do is fine with me!!  I would love to show you around peru, but if you dont want to thats just fine!!  Ill i care about is just seeing you guys!!!  I love you so much!!  Thanks for the emails from my friends!! and yes i can print them off!!  I love you all so so much!!  CONGRATS ON THE BABY GIRL SHAY AND BREN!   I KNEW IT!!!  I lOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!
All my Love,


  1. Hey! When you next email Nick would you mind asking him if he has received either of my letters? thanks bunches! -Maegan Kasteler