Monday, March 26, 2012

Elder Crump

Oh my lanta, i have so much to tell you!!  This week has been so so crazy!!  So we had transfers, and i am in regs area!!  I see him all the time!!  Right now im sitting next to him, i just winked at him, he just blew me a kiss, this is getting weird.  haha i love that kid!!  So anyway my new comp is Elder Fonseca, from Santiago Chile!!  Another chileano!! They are the best!!  So guess what!!  Guess who is my pensionista?  Uncle Kents baptism!!! Consuelo!!!  She started freaking out again!!!  Haha what are the odds!!  Im in the same area as reg, and she is now my pensionista!!!  Ps uncle kent she really wants to hear from you!! she talks about you all the time!!  So my area is Contisuyo in Tahuantinsuyo...Yeah i cant really pronouce it!  haha  So this area is very different from my last one.  Apparently this area is one of the worst... The missionaries before had two areas to work in conti, and another area, where we live in.  So because they lived in the other area they did most of their work there, and kind of forgot about conti.  So presidente decided to split it up, and now we have the dying area of peru.  There are 350-400 members, but only 50 attend!!!!  I couldnt belive it!!  Over 300 less active!!!  What the!!  Because there is so many less active members, the ward doesnt really help out, and its so hard to get a lesson.  I went from having 7 lessons a day at a minimum, to having 1 or none at all!!  The people arent receptive, and the less active members want nothing to do with the ward because they know its a dying ward!!  Its rough, but im so happy to be here.  I know im meant to be here for a reason, and maybe Elder Fonseca and i i just the ones to save this area!  I know that heavenly father will bless us.
So besides the fact that we have few lessons, we still have some, and thats all that matters!  We we met this lady named Nelly, and her daughter was a missionary, and is still very active, so she knows about the church, but wants nothing to do with it.  So we started talking about the plan of salvation, and it turned out to be the perfect lesson for her, because her oldest son had died recently, and she wants to be able to be with him again. She didnt know about eternal life, life after death.  So right away she wants to get baptized.  We dont have a date yet, but soon!!  Its amazing how the lord works, all her life she heard about the church, and one lesson changed her whold perspective on life.  Ps mom in one of my lessons i used the scripture you sent me in one of your letters, and it blew there mind!!  They loved it!! Thank you!!! it was perfect! 
So in church i bore my testimony, and it was good!!  There were only 25 people there!!  It was pathetic.  But i talked about how excited i am to be here and how important wards are, and that we are here to help them, but we need some help as well!  It was good!  Hopefully it got through to them, that is if they understood me!! haha 
Ok funny story to we were contacting the other day, and elder fonseca was like lets visit this one family, so i rang the door bell but it was the wrong door, and i a guy came out, and was like yes please come in!  We were like what the!  he said that he has been wanting us to visit him for a while now!  The missionaries used to meet with him, but just stopped he has been praying for us!  I have never been happier to make a mistake!  It was perfect!  He is awesome! So is his family!
So i got your st patricks day package i loved it!!  The last letter i got was the one about the muslim family.  I loved that story!
I love you all so much! Thank you for everything!!  Im excited for the challenge to be here!!  i know this is EXACTLY where im supposed to be!!
All my Love,
Ps tell alex to write me!  I got lexis letter it made my whole day!!:), and did hailey peterson get my letter?
Pss Reg says hey!  I love you all!!

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