Monday, March 19, 2012

Elder Collins

Well its officially my last day with my mission Papa. Araya goes home tomorrow morning. Its a super weird feeling and he is slowly starting to loose it. I didnt think he would be sad but he really is. He is like my best friend so it will be hard to say goodbye to him. i drop him off at the office tomorrow morning at like 6 and hey he said he wanted to try and call you so he said to talk slow because he only knows basic English, but he really does know a lot so you will be able to understand him. Just use simple words. My new comps name is Lazaro? I dont know who he is and neither does Araya . I'm glad i am staying in the same place but at the same time i now have the pressure of showing the area and remembering where everyone lives. Nice, Shum and Ben..welcome to the Spanish club! its a very high class society. We only eat and drink the finest foods and it becomes instantly easier to get girls because of our passionate Latin blood. Well this week i cannot lie, we did not do really a whole lot. It was a long week! We just visited families of the ward and said goodbye to a lot of people and ate a lot of rice! We had a conference again, i saw nick and we did a lot of practicing contacts and stuff like that. Well i have big news! Im staying in my area and Nick is coming into my zone! They made a new area in my zone so a place opened up and he is coming in! I just found out on araya email. Cool hugh?  So it was way funny because im weird and like to save my packages during the week so its like Christmas everyday, but one night i was telling Araya that i just want cookies so bad, i open the package and boom my prayers are answered i ate the whole pack that night! Thank You mom!  Well love everyone. peace
p.s. so about the pictures they all know i used to make pizza so.... ya i made a masterpiece. I dont know if you can see my house its to the left of the field and it has blue railing and the house itself is green and it has a red stripe on the top of it. 

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