Monday, April 2, 2012

Elder Collins

Wow was conference great or what?! I dont think i have ever been so excited to watch conference in my whole life! We watched saturday session in spanish and preisthood and sunday in english so i was way glad to be able to hear there real voices. There was some way good talks and i felt all of them were directed towards me, even the relief society one. So this has been a hard week for me with my comp. I really am trying so hard to love him and i read so many scriptures on charity and pray for love in my heart and i feel like President Uchtdorf was talking to me on sunday morning and yet its still very hard. I dont know, he´s just rude. That kind of sounds girly to say but thats all i think of. I really have to control my patience with him because i want to explode on him sometimes but i always remember its not worth it and shake it off. He just takes all my stuff without asking and he is always throwing water on me and will just throw his food at me, sometimes i feel like he is trying to see how many mission rules that he can break, he is just really immature. He is from Truillo, it is like an hour North of here by plane, He has only been a member for two years so I think he just has to prove that he knows everthing! The one thing that is good is that we are working hard. Thats kind of how i get back at him. He is a little chubby short kid so i just walk fast and choose houses high up in the mountains so he has to slightly jog to keep up with me. Things are going good with the familys right now i feel like finally all of the people me and Araya were working with are finally all saying yes to marriage dates or baptism dates so thats always a good thing right? This week our pinsenista was telling us that her doctor was saying she is fat so she was saying that she is only eating like two pieces of bread and really little things. I kind of just started laughing and told her she just needs to start eating vegtables or fruit with everymeal instead of french fries ham and other stuff. And to replace some of the rice with salad or something. She looked at me like im a genious so this week we only had juices, less rice, and just different healthier stuff. Kind of funny. I love it! Well I love you guys so much and hope you have a fun week, and Happy Easter!!!! Love, Reg

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