Monday, April 30, 2012

Elder Collins

Hey Family!
Hows everyone doing? That is super cool that President Monson went to grandpas funeral and Anna shook his hand. Well i dont know if you heard yet probably have but Nick got injured playing soccer the other day. I dont know what he did just that he hurt his knee and has been in the office all week long. Im going to go try and see what he is doing later. So im still waiting to see if im being transferred or not, today is Cambios..i dont remember what it is in english. That was a fast change. So yes we had the baptism of victoria this past week. It was cool she asked me to baptize her. We are baptizing her grandma this next saturday and have two more baptisms the following saturday! So i guess it will kind of be a bummer if i leave this area. It was my comps birthday yesterday so Hma gutierrez bought a cake and what not. It was a good time. Haha so funny story my pinsionista pulled me off to the side this this week ande told me that we need to start excising because my comp is fat! She told me that i need him to get up and run or something. Well im going to try and send you instructions how to use the tops. its hard but i have mastered it this last week.
Well tell Happy Birthday to Max. I think its this week right? I guess that means i got to send another package right?!! Sorry i feel like i didnt have a lot to say about this week. I cant even remember what we did..I did have a exchange with the other white zone leader so that was a way fun time. Oh ya i got those pics thank you! But Anna looks a lot older!! it kind of blew my mind and our house looks way different!
OH my gosh!! i just find out im going to the jungle! tomorrow morning!! holy cow im nervous!!
Haha my zone leader just whispered to me so that i could tell you that im going there tomorrow. Wow crazy! i dont know what part yet but im going. i will let you know next week i guess. Love you have a great week family next time i email you ill be in the jungle! love you!!

 The pics this week are  of my Comps. Birthday party with the Guiterrez family, Victorias baptism, and me teaching a monkey at the zoo.

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