Monday, April 2, 2012

Elder Crump

April fools!  Im sorry i had to pull it!  I tried to pull pranks on my comp but he didnt really understand!!  haha  So i have a lot to tell you!!  So first off i got your easter package, and i couldnt wait to eat the candy, it was gone in a day... haha  Thank you!!  So tell lexi and maegan i got their letters and they will be getting a letter this week!!  So my companion is Elder Fonseca!  He is from santiago chile, and is so funny!  He is so short.  he comes to my shoulder... barley!  He used to be so quiet!  He still kind of is, but he has come out of his shell with me!! I kind of made him, i always sing to him in public, and he gets embarrassed! haha  He knows a little bit of spanish, but he actually understands a lot, the speaking part isnt to good though!!  Haha he really is so funny!  He has the attitude of a sassy black woman, and i always tease him about it!!  He has been out for almost a year now.  We really have become good friends and are really working well together!
So this past monday we had a big Noche de Hogar with all the missionaries in lima, and The Blunck family.  Their kids all came to peru, and there youngest daughter just finish serving in Cuzco!!  It was so fun!!  I got to see all our group from the MTC! My old comp BLAS, and my old zone!!  I was awesome!  We played little games, and had treats, and the little grandkids taught us the lesson!  The best was we were playing red light, green light, and Presidente was playing, and he is such a cheater!! haha he told me to duck down low and follow him so no one would see us!  Im not gonna lie, i followed him!  Im mean i had to right hes my mission president!:)
So im in the same zone as reg but not the same district, but i see him all the time!! We play soccer, and always have meetings, and every p day were always together!  We are really trying hard to do an exchange for a night! It would be awesome if we could!
Conference was amazing!!!  But i do miss watching it in my pajamas!  And your sausage cassorle mom!!!  I think i missed that the most!!!  All the talks were amazing!!  We had to watch the first two sessions in spanish becauset the guy with the keys to the room with the other tv wasnt there.  They were good, but i wish i could of understood everything! Plus its not their voice so it was kind of wierd!  But for priesthood session he came, and we got english!! It was so good!  I loved how seriously every message was so personal, and so important!!  The lessons that were taught were perfect for the people of peru.  Marriage first then family, get out of debt, honor your family, love and respect your wife, get married dont be single, so many amazing messages!!  It was like two p days in a row i loved it, plus today is p day so now 3!!
SO my area...Its difficult, but hey the Lord never gives us anything that we cant handle!  Im ready for the challenge, and what a challenge it has been!  So many lessons were cancelled, but i know that if we have patience and keep working hard we will be blessed!!
So i want to tell you about one of my invesitgators manuel silva.  We just started teaching him and he already is really progressing.  He is very different form the people i have taught in the past, this sounds bad but he is really smart, and understands everything!  Which makes teaching so easy with him.  So after teaching about the Restoration, we had just finished and he turned to me and asked how old i was and how long it took me to study and prepare to come here?  That question kind of stumped me for a second.  At first i was like im my head uh i kind of just came i didnt really prepare, but then i realized every since i was born i have been preparing!  I grew up in the church!  So I told him that i was 19, and i explained how my parents raised me in the church.  I said every young LDS boy is taught about serving a mission, and prepares for it, but the important part is its our choice.  He then asked me why i chose to come, 2 years is a long time.  At this moment the spirit enveloped me and i just said, My Parents have taught me the ways of the church, i grew up learning about this gospel, and listening to everything they told me. But in my heart i knew that i needed to know for myself.  I explained to him that i did exactly what we were asking him to do. Pray. Pray to know the truth, and by the power of the Holy Ghost you may know the truth of all things. I recieved an answer. One that was so simple as feeling in my heart, but drove down deep in my soul letting me know everything i was taught growing up was true.  I am here because i found happiness.  A happiness that is powerful, hard to describe, but is from God.  I am here because i want to help others to find this happines, and to know the truth. And through the truth they can have everlasting life!  After i said that it was quiet, and then about 30 seconds later he said, perfect.  That is exactly what i needed to hear.  And from that he commited to baptism right there.  It was so incredible.  I am so grateful for the spirit, to be filled with these words. 
I want to thank you mom and dad for raising me in this gospel, and for being the perfect examples.  I love you all so so much!!  I am so grateful for all of you!!! Thank you!!!
All my Love,

Okay so for the picture with the baby giraffe above here is the story on this....Nick and I absolutely DIE of laughter every time that direct tv commercial comes on with that fancy Russian man and his baby giraffe who he loves and kisses.  So he saw a baby giraffe and had to send it to me.  Oh so perfect.  Here is the link:

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