Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Elder Crump

 Well hey how are you all!?  This past week has been awesome!!!  So we finally have gained the confidence in the members!!! They are offering to help out more, and they are always giving references!! I love it!!  Its been rough cleaning up the mess, but such a blessing at the same time!!  So last p day was so fun, we played soccer.  But not just any soccer like we do every other morning we played on a real field, for 2 hours!! It was so fun!! Plus it was against another zone!! But guess what zone!! Independencia!!!!  My old companions!!!  It was so fun, plus we made jersey as a zone, and we looked pretty good, i not gonna lie we looked really good!! haha so It was fun, but i have good news and bad news... the good news is i scored a goal, the bad news we lost 6 to 10... i don't want to talk about it but were gonna have a rematch and this time the scores will be different! haha
So we got 7 more investigators this week!! It was awesome!!  We are doing great here!!  But we the problem is week keep meeting people, awesome people who actually want to learn, but then we find out that they live in other area!! Ugh its frustrating!!  But were getting the references, and the other missionaries are finding them!  Thats whats important, that they get taught, even if its not by us!
So i took dads advice and we have been working with less active members a lot lately as well, cause lets be honest we got plenty of them here!! haha  So we met with this guy named Aqullies!  He used to be very active, but then one day he just stopped, and 5 years passed and he hasn't come to church!  So When we first met him is is this big guy with a beard, tattoos, cut off sleeves, and just kind of a scary looking guy.  But he let us in, and we talked about coming to church, and we focused on taking the sacrament.  By the way thank you for your letters about the sacrament.  They always help me, and i am so grateful to both of you mom and dad, and your desire to always attend sacrament no matter where you are, even your first day in the Bahamas!!:)  So the lesson went really well, and when he was saying the closing prayer, he just broke down into tears, and after he said he is coming this Sunday.  He needs too!  I was so happy! The spirit was so strong.  And what made it all perfect, was he was at church on Sunday in a shirt and tie, with his face shaved, his hair combed, and his scriptures in his hands!! I had never been so proud of someone!!  5 years of not attending and one spiritual lesson later he comes back.  Heavenly Father is incredible, and is not only blessing us to find these people, but blessing them, but directing us to them.
So to answer some questions.  Yes i am taking my vitamins, almost everyday... haha dont worry!! Yes we have a date set for our new investigator Daniel!!! He is 17 and has come to church 4 times, and we only just stared teaching him a week ago!! He just needs to repent of some things, and he will be ready for 28th of April!! Plus we are going to get silvia and her daughter to commit to a date THIS WEEK!!  Things are going great with the them!  Plus are other ones as well!!  I think in may we will have a BUNCH of baptisms, just keep praying for us!!  Dont worry im eating plenty of veggies, and TOO MUCH Fruit!! I even at a banana the other day, almost threw up!  haha
So this week we were really lacking on our contacts and i we really needed to fufill our goal of a 100!  On Sunday we only had 58... so I was like ok we got to just go contacting, but this week i dont know why but fonseca was a little bit trunky!! He hit his 11 months this week and just went trunky!!  But i kicked his butt into gear and was like comp on little fonsy!! haha he hates that nickname!!  So he kept saying there was no way we could get 42 contacts in a day!!  I was like Elder Just have faith!:)  Haha every time i said it he looked at me with his sassy eyes, and shook his head!!  Haha so it was 7 pm and we were still missing 29 contacts!  He then was like elder there is no way we can do this!!  I was like fonsy!!!  Si se Puede!!  I was like elder seriously just have faith!!  The next hour and a half we got 30 Contacts!!!  And about 15 were set for actually lessons this next week!!  He was shocked and i was like elder you have been out for almost a year, your still surprised by the lords miracles? haha that made him smile and get into a better attitude! This week rocked!! I love you guys!! Send me something from the Bahamas!!!
All my Love,

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