Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Elder Collins

Wow..Ive never eaten so many peanutt butter cup eggs in my whole life!! Thank you for the candy! Alright, straight up i kept both ties. They were both nice so i just thought hey why not right? At first i resisted on giving my comp some candy because he is the exact same but i just felt the easter spirit. Ya, he just ate it all right then and there and didnt say thank you. I decided that he is just kind of a little kid so im just going to be his parent. Haha we have been learning how to say please and thank you this week to me and to the members who feed us. So im not going to lie, im owning lessons right now. Im a big deal. I think its because people are finally starting to understand me. Last night i kind of cracked and im going to start studying spanish way more often and longer. Im planning on being completely fluent in 3-4 weeks! just in time for mothers day.So were going to have two baptisms next week and hopefully 3 more by the end of the month. Even though im not to fond of my comp we still work hard so thats good. The ctr rings make me pretty famous around here with the kids. So i just want to wish ANNA a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Im sending you a birthday present this week so im sorry it will be late but hey its still coming. Also i would just like to say WOW BABY!! i didnt know myles could look so good in a tux! So today are zone is going to play soccer against another zone we ordered team jerseys so we should look pretty good, I will send you some pics of the big game! Hey mom could you send me another family picture the one I have I use to show our families and it is worn out because of a million little kids finger prints on it, they love to hold it and look at it also maybe some of my farewell and the night before I left? Well I got to go , but I love you so much mom and family thank you for everything! Have a great week! Love reg

                                         "hey myles cant lie I think shes looking at me..."

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