Monday, April 16, 2012

Elder Collins

Well Hello!
Well this has been a busy week! We have been getting on the members the last two weeks to start being more active in the missionary work and trying to let them realize that its not just the work of missionary's but that the members are a even bigger part than us. We received a couple of references this week that are pretty awesome! One is a family who when we first started to teach them and talk to them were not interested at all just kind of went through the motions of the lesson but as soon as we started teaching about the apostasy and the restoration it seemed like a light clicked on in them and they started asking questions and kind of got a little excited. Another reference we got is a girl named victoria. She is like 20 years old and i think she was having a problem with drugs before but she wants to change really bad and loves coming to church which is always a bonus because its hard to get investigators to come to church. Her baptismal date is the 28. I realized i write too much about myself and probably should tell you about all the investigators that i have. I have a new favorite family that im teaching. The Fuentes Family, they are a married couple with two daughters! Married! that never happens. But they are really awesome and a young couple and the dad is like a friend to me. The only hard part is that he has crazy ADD so its hard for him to focus and remember the things we teach him but they finally all came to church for the first time so that was awesome! So i had a really cool experience this week, we have been going to teach this very inactive family. At one point they were active and the dad had the Aaronic priesthood but he just stopped coming to church over the last year or so and drinking a little bit. Well we have been meeting with him the last month and they have been coming to church. Yesterday he received the Melchizedek priesthood and was set apart as the second counselor in the bishopric!! This Saturday we are also baptizing his 9 year old daughter Abigial. Wow a month ago he hadn't been to church in a year! So this week like usual my comp was well, the same. But Thursday morning i literally almost killed him. Thank goodness i remembered that if i punch him ill get sent home. I realized this week though that i have been getting lazy with my personal study and just kind of praying casually during the day. Ether 12:27, im being humbled again by having him as my comp. I hope Anna had a great birthday, you can be expecting a package in the next week or so.. I love you all have a great week!!

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