Monday, April 30, 2012

Elder Crump

Dear Family!

So this past week has been a crazy one!  We went to the zoo  P day and it was so much fun!  It was a different one than last time, it was a lot nicer and it felt like we were in the rainforest!  I got some sweet pictures!!  So the baptism with Daniel got postponed to may 5th!  he just needed some more time, plus he had to have another interview!  We were sad because we didnt have a baptism this month but, hey its better for them to be ready, and actually want to be baptized!  He is an awesome kid, and really has come so far since we first started teaching him!  He will be a powerful missionary some day! Things are going great here, we are gaining more and more investigators everyday, and this area has truly come alive!!  We have been so blessed!!
So i have some news, but dont worry!  While we were playing soccer thursday morning i got hurt.  I was trying to save a ball and as i got to the edge of the field, there is a little drop off, from the cement to the grass, and i fell down, and steped wierd and injured my knee it kind of went the other way for just a second then poped back.  After that i couldnt walk.  Right away we took a taxi back to our house and put some ice on it and called Hermana Blunck.  She had the secretary call the doctor and set up an appointment for me to get it checked out that day.  Elder Divis my Zone leader took really good care of me, making sure i had ice, getting me drinks, and making sure i was taking ibuprofen.  Then later that night we went to the hospital to get it looked at.  Dont worry mom its the best hosptital in Peru, the doctors studied in The States and know english!  They took X Rays, and found out that all the bones are good, we dont need to worry there!  But they think it might have something to do with the ligiments. But they want to make sure!  So that night i stayed with the offices guys in there house, and hung out in the offices all day.  I rested all day, iced, and took my pill they gave me!  Then we had an appointment for saturday to get an MRI Scan  So we got that done, and everything went good.  We will find out the results on Wednesday, and dont worry you will be informed!  Everything is fine! please dont stress!  Im am being really well taken care of!  Elder Huiquimilla who is one of the secretarys here, who takes care of those who are sick, and Elder Essig have been taken really good care of me!!  They always makes sure im icing, taking meds, resting my knee, and making sure i eat!  Dont worry at all, it hurts but i dont think its gonna be too serious!  We just need to have faith and pray to our Heavenly Father.  Im a little bummed because we were doing so well in our area, and now im stuck in the offices for a little bit.  But i know that everything will be ok!  I have been called to serve here, and there is no way im gonna let a little knee injury get in the way of bringing people unto christ!!  I am loving it here!  I am so lucky to be here it! It is such an amazing oppourtunity.  Family i hope this email didnt stress you out too much!  I promise you will be updated!  Dont worry at all, Heavenly Father will keep me protected, we just need to trust him!
Im so glad you enjoyed your trip to the Bahamas, you guys deserved a nice vacation, but im still jealous!! Haha  
I heard about great grandpa, i was so sad to hear, but then i thought how happy he is to be with great grandma!  I bet he was so funny before he left!!  He was such and amazing man, and he will be missed, but know that he is so happy right now, and he will always be with us!  Mom dont beat yourself up.  You had no idea what would happen, but know that grandpa loved you so much.  His spirit will always be with you, guiding you.  And the best part is we WILL see him again.  How lucky we are to know this promise, as long as we live our lives and follow the lord we are promised eternity.  What a blessing!  That is so cool that President Monson came and spoke!  I cant wait to hear a copy of it!!  
Im glad to here that things went well with Grandma Crump!!  I pray constantly everyday for her!  Let her know how much i love her!!  Im so grateful for her and her love for all of us, and her love of the gospel.  She is an amazing woman, and i love her so much! 
Thats great to hear about the safety stuff you are doing in the neighborhood!!  Im glad that you guys are prepared!! Dont worry we have only had little earthquakes here called, tumblers.  They only last like 20 seconds, and dont do any damage, but dont worry ill be prepared if we do have one!!  Give Ray and Lisa my Love and tell them i pray for them daily!!  They really are two of the kindest people i know, and truly have changed my life!!  I am so grateful for them!!
Hey so i have some questions?
Who are the new SBOS?
ok so i only had one! haha  keep me updated on whats going on!!  Sorry i dont have my card to send pictures, but if i can i will try next week, ill send double!!  Hey i love you all so so much!! Your all so amazing!! Thank you for your letters, packages, and emails!!  They really make all the difference!!  Oh yeah by the way i have been out for 6 months as of last Thursday!  The day i got hurt!! haha But seriously mom, dad dont worry all is going well!  you will be informed when we get out test results back, but until then ill be in the offices till we know!!  I love you!! Stay happy and stay safe!!
All my Love,
Ps thank you for sending the DVDs!!  i cant wait to get them!!!

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