Monday, April 23, 2012

Elder Collins

Hey family
Wow that is so sad about grandpa. It kind of bummed me out. This might sound weird but i thought about him a lot this week and for some reason i knew. I really did think about him this week at the most random times. Im grateful that he is excited to see grandma. Thats hard to hear but I love him a lot and wish grandpa and dad the best! And also all of his family, ill be praying for him and so will the prophet. I wish i could be there to say goodbye, if you can tell him i love him and am grateful for his example, love and example of what a true man of God should be.
This week i learned a lot. I had a interview with president and it was awesome to be able to talk to him. We actually talked for awhile. I think he is happy with me and is proud of my progress. He did however say that i need to work on my proununciation a lot more. I have the grammar down but if you dont prounounce right it doesnt make sense. He taught me what he expects us to be doing with our wards every sunday. I was reading in the Liahona and there was some way good talks from the last one. One was about learning a language and also remembering that we should only worry about what God thinks of us and not others. After talking with president about my language i was bummed out because i thought i was so close to being fluent. On sunday i gave a lesson and it was terrible. I couldnt speak and it was basic stuff that i knew but no one could understand me. I was way mad at myself and was comparing myself with other missionarys spanish. After church i read that article and it helped me a lot. I realized i got selfish and stopped praying every morning that Heavenly Father could help me with the lanuage and "loose my tongue", and that it is important to realize i was called by God and if he wants me to speak ill speak but that i need to have more faith and try my best to be a good missionary! So im thinking that im going to be here another transfer with the same comp. Dang it! i want to say that he sucks and what not but its important i make my own soluctions and i have nick and stuff here too, so its good! 
We had a baptism this last saturday, Abigail, she is the daughter of the inactive family that we reactivated and that Dad was recently put into the bishopric so he was able to baptize his daughter when a month ago he couldnt have. It was a cool expirience. We have another date for the next saturday a 20 year old girl Victoria who is progressing so fast. And we set another date for Luis Gutierrez! Finally we might actually dunk that kid! And YES 6 months baby!!! who would have thought huh?! So this last week we got to go to the temple and for the second time in a row i forgot to ask my President for a temple reccomend so i had to wait outside! its alright i took a nice nap under the trees. Haha i probably looked like an unworthy missionary. But today president told me i can go to his house and get an interview so that will be cool. Its kind of a bummer because i dont get to go the zoo with the others but its ok. I love you all so much and miss you! I love Great Grandpa Collins and hope your all doing well! love reg.
ps. if you are one of my friends and are reading this blog and dont write me, how dare you read my journey to manhood! How do you sleep at night?

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