Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Elder Crump

Wow i all i can say about this past week!  I love it!!  So as you know are area has been rough!!  Having no investigators, no help from the ward, and just no spirit here!!  This week we decided to change that!!  We cracked down, and went looking for the people!!  We contacted like crazy!!!  We found and taught 12 new people!  And 3 new families!!!!  All being awesome, and really wanting to learn more!!  It was awesome whenever we felt we should talk to someone or knock on a door we did it, even if we had already talked with them or knock on that door.  The spirit was amazing, and i know that because we took the time to just listen to the spirit we were directed to some amazing people!! 
So about some of the investigators we already had.  Manuel want to get baptized the only problem there was a problem in his work is having some problems so he had to fly out to Trujillo and get it all sorted out, and he doesnt know when he will be back... its been a week!!  Also nelly and her husband angelo are preparing to get married.  We are hoping may 12th!  Because here you have to get married in the Municipalidad!  Its their government, and there is a date set on the 12th so pray for them to be ready!!
So with our contacting it was so funny this week!! Elder fonseca was not having any luck all day, one day.  Doors just kept getting slammed in his face!  So he was like you do it!!  So every house i would be in the front, and they all let us in and talked to us when it was me!  haha he was getting so mad! after the 4th house he says, its because your a freaking gringo!!  They all love gringos!! haha so that was our strategy use my skin to get us in!! haha
So easter was pretty normal, here they dont really make it a big deal, but still just the  fact that im on a mission, made it special for me.  I really never felt closer to our savior, than when i woke up sunday morning!!  I felt the spirit so strongly, knowing that this day is much more important than just getting, candy, which by the way is still important and i love!!!
So the main religion here is the catholic, so they celebrate all week on this holiday!!  Its kind of creepy.  They carried giant crosses through the street, sang songs, and chanted!!  it was so crazy.  They focus so much on his death, but they dont even reconize the importance of the 3rd day!  Its sad, but hey thats why were here right? to help them!!
Oh yeah before i forget, next week we will not be having P day on Monday.  Were going to the temple, on thursday and we will be emailing then!! So mom dont freak out, your email will be there on thursday!! haha
Seriously this week has been amazing!!  I dont want to say anything yet about our investigators the new ones because i dont want to jinx it!!:) haha
Oh yeah Enrique and Ester and there whole family are doing amazing!! We had a Noche de Hogar with them and they loved it!!!  Hopefully this next week dates for their baptizm, as well as Silvia and her daughter!! Ill keep you posted!!!  I love you guys so so much!!!
Oh wait funny story i have to tell it.  So there is this church by our house that is called Dios es Amor.  Its so funny they are like this crazy baptist church who are always dancing and singing!!  Its so funny to watch!! So i always joke about going in and wanting to dance and talk with them.  So one of our new investigators, goes to that church!!  Her name is Humbelina!!! Haha YES!! i was so happy! haha she is crazy but wants to learn more!!
Also in church there were 3 people from Haiti that came into sacrament meeting. Listen and left.  So we chased after them and say come to the classes as well.  They speak french, spanish, and a little english.  They are studying in peru now, and just saw the church one day, and wanted to attend.  Hopefully we can teach them soon!  They are awesome!!!
Hermana Consuelo says hey and says not to worry she is taking care of me!!  Also she says that our family is way good looking!! so nice good work!! haha
Hey i love you guys so much!! i cant wait for the package!!
All my Love,

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