Monday, April 23, 2012

Elder Crump

My dear family and friends!!
How are you guys!!  So this week has been a good one! But before i get started i will answer some questions because i always forget!!   So yes i got the CTR rings i love them!!  I have gotten the package with the shirts in it!! Which by the way are so awesome i love them!!  Were gonna take pictures soon!!  Also today i got the B of Ms and the jerky and cookies!! You are an angel!!  Thank you thank you thank you!!  I love all the letters and packages!!
  So this week we went to the temple, but we emailed on monday.  It was so fun!! I really missed going to the temple!  Its been 3 months! Being out here made me realize how much i didnt take advantage of the fact that we live in Utah with 14 temple, and 2 being within a 15 minute drive!!  Ugh, i wish i would of gone more!!  It is seriously such a blessing to go, and i cant wait to get back and do a session with you guys!! Save me a seat in the draper temple!!  Anyway it was a fun day!!  Took the bus down, there was no seats so we had to stand in a crowded bus for an hour!!  It was rough but so worth it!!  So my advice to all if you can go to the temple as much as you can!!  i never realized how much i missed, and needed it im my life then when i came out here and my attendence is limited!!  Such amazing blessing come from the temple!  It's our Lords house and in there we can escape from this sometimes crazy world. SO PROMISE ME YOU GUYS WILL GO MORE!!:)
So this week also we had interviews with President Blunck!  It was so good!  SO while we were waiting the assistants always have us practice teaching them.  So we just started going and for some reason, everyone was nervous and like didnt want to do it, so i just started talking, and pretended like his was my investigator.  I taught about the plan of salvation and how he can live with his family forever.  No one wanted to talk or help so i just kept teaching!! It went so good!!  Even though it was a practice, it really felt like my investigator!  After the assistants were way happy and saying how much my spanish has really come along!!  Plus they were like thank you for talking and not being nervous!!  So when it was my turn to go in right away president just gives me a big hug!! He really is such a nice guy!!  Both him and his wife.  So right away he started asking how the area is going.  I only had good things to say!  Ever since i got here each week has gotten better, and we now have investigators!  He was like I'm gonna be completly honest with you Elder Crump, This area almost was closed down before you got here.  The missionaries in the past year, really just let it fall apart, and lost all the realationships with the members.  Their numbers were low, they argued with the members, and really just didnt care if they had investigators, plus they didnt care to update the area book!!!!  He was like elder crump the area which you serve depends on the missionaries!!  99 % of the time its the missionaries fault when an area is bad.  I knew that i need to do something.  Because this area seriously was the worst in the mission.  He then started saying that he knew he needed to put me here!  He said elder crump your one of the happiest missionaries we have here!  I only hear good things about you all the time!  I knew that this area needed you, and you really have made a difference!  For the first time in Months this area has investigators, families, and the missionaries are fufilling their contact goal every week!! You and elder fonseca truly saved this area!  Thank you so much for your hard work, and your smile!!  And for the first time in months, you guys have a baptism.  He then said not only do we have investigators, but them members in the ward trust us, and actually want to work with us!  Plus our ward attendence has gone up like crazy we had 60 people come to church this past sacrament, and by the time church ended, almost 100!!! I was so happy that he felt inspired to put me here, its been a challenge,  but so worth it!
Things are going great like i said we have a baptism set for this saturaday with daniel!!  Our investigators are coming along we gained 2 more families this week plus 5 more investigators!!  I love it our planners are always full with appointments!!!
I really am loving being out here what an amazing adventure it has been!!  Spanish is really coming along. I definitely need to work on a lot of things but i know that as long as im doing what im doing i will be blessed!! 
Thank you for all your emails always and letters and packages!!  I hope all  is well and i hope everything is ok with grandma, she is always in my prayers! 
I have some questions;
Bahamas, how was it!
And if you can will you send me some things, A small pocket size english B of M, The Doctrine and Covenants DVDs, as well as the Old and New Testament DVDS?  If you can that would be great!!  I love you all so so much!!!
All my Love,

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