Friday, December 23, 2011

Elder Collins

Holla como esta? Yo reciber mi mail after lunch and after dinner. So like 12:45 and then 5:45. I check my email everytime i get on the computer real fast. Im only suppossed to on P-Days but hey its just a quick look. I dont know if i need anything yet. you can send me some shampoo that makes your hair thicker! because everyone in my district knows im scared of balding so they tease me all the time about balding. But ill let you know if i think of anything before the end of the week. Do you know if stamps are more expensive there because i heard that they were. I dont think i need a phone card i think i just use pay phones. Tell max sorry about his finger. that sucks. We are getting new missionaries in our district today so we are not the new ones anymore. My district is the biggest one now in my zone. I had the coolest expirience yesterday! We were practicing teaching invetigators yesterday and one of my teachers was helping me out. He was explaining to me how to use questions so that the investigator ends up teaching himself with his answers. So i started and i ended up getting stuck at one point, so i looked to him and he just said listen to the spirit, listen and it will tell you what to say. So i turned back and just sat for like 10 seconds and then all of the sudden it just started to flow into me! Questions came to me and other things to say! it just kept coming. At the end of it i looked at my teacher and he said you just allowed the investigator to learn for himself that he needs to come unto Jesucristo and that he can do that by being baptized. I felt so cool! the spirit totally used me. I dont even know how that happended to me.
                I am starting to be able to understand most of what people are saying to me in spanish. I cant speak it well at all yet but i can understand a lot of what is being said to me. I dont know why but the email about the temple never sent so i just resent it so sorry if i repeated anything but ya it talks about my travel plans. I feel like i just got settled in and now i have to leave, not sure if i like that.
Love you all and miss you!

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