Friday, December 23, 2011

Elder Crump

Hey i am gonna read your emails after i write so i can have time! This week was awesome! We are becoming more and more comfortable in teaching everyday! So i was a little sad because here in peru they dont celebrate thanksgiving! So i was feeling really homesick, but then all of a sudden we walk into the cafeteria and there is ACTUAL THANKSGIVING FOOD! I was freaking out! Turkey mashed potatoes, stuffing, pumpkin pie(homemade) and all the works! It made my whole day and made me feel so much better! Then the president got up and talked to us and started to cry. He said he knows how hard it is to be away especially on holidays, so he just wants all of us to know how much him and his wife love us, and how grateful they are that we are here, and he said he feels like our parents, and he is so proud of us! It really turned everything around! But yeah the rest of the week was good too! The language is tough, but were managing! haha Being District Leader isnt too bad, i am understanding more, the problem is i just dont know how to respond! haha The Temple is amaing! Its so small! I love it! It helps me out so much when we go to the temple each week! The spirit is so strong! I cant believe that we have been out so long its been like 5 weeks! thats crazy! I hope thanks giving went good! I wrote you guys some letters so you should be getting them soon! and im gonna write some more today! I love you so much! Everything is going great! We got some cool pics! Ill try and find a way to send them through email! Oh yeah i have been so good i havent looked at any of my packages! I cant wait to open them! I cant wait to go check the mail! Mail takes so long to get here that when it does everyone gets so happy! haha well i love you! If i have more time ill write more!
All my Love,
sorry so short!

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