Friday, December 23, 2011

Elder Collins

Well im in Peru! its weird being here. The flight was really long and we didnt land until about 12. i hate flying! then it took us another hour to get our luggage and find the person who was supposed to pick us up. No one was at the airport to greet us and there was a ton of people everywhere surrounding us and holding up signs for other people but not us. I was getting really frustrated, no one had told us where to go. Some sister had the name of the person we were suppossed to meet but she had no idea what she was doing and was taking us no where! We finally found some lady who put us all on a bus to take us to the mtc. We didnt end up getting to the mtc until a little after 2. then when we got there the person who came out to greet us couldnt speak any english at all! he was getting frustrated with us because we couldnt understand him. we finally got our room and names of our companions. Me Fenn and Crump are in the same room again. Once we finally got settled down and were about to go to sleep our three latin companions had just arrived so they came in and we couldnt go to sleep until like 3am. They all seem nice but we cant understand anything they are saying. My companion probably speaks the best english out of all of them. His name is Elder Mez or Maz i cant remember he doesnt have a tag and i have only been with him once all day. He is 24 and from Mexico. Despite going to bed at 3 we still had to wake up at 6:30. We have two companions a latin one and a white one. My white one just ended up being nick again. we went to breakfast and i learned that they dont let you leave the kitchen until you have eatin everything off your plate. They have people at the doors checking if you ate enough or not. They sent me back. Then we had a short meeting with the Mtc president. It was just an awkward meeting and handed us a list of rules. This place is a lot more stict than provo. You cant have food in your rooms so we had to give them all of our food we brought and they said we would get it back the day we left. Then we had to go fill out a ton of paper work in spanish so none of it made sense and i thought that there would be at least a few people that would speak some english to help show us around but there isnt. They all just say some really fast spanish that i cant pick up on at all anymore, and i have no idea what they are asking me or telling me to do. After the paper work almost all but a few boys had to get haircuts so some lady chopped my hair off. The actual mtc itself is really nice. the bathrooms are nicer and the rooms are too. Its nice outside and but the sky isnt blue its gray. its really depressing actually. You cant see a whole lot from a distance cause there is a smog. So far the food is ok. We havent had anything weird yet so thats good. Im not going lie. i do not like it here so far. i know im probably sleeped deprived and that its only the first day but im really home sick! i cant stop thinking about how long two years is and that i dont think i can do it. I get teery eyed everytime i think of home. I even miss the provo Mtc a lot and my district. i wish i could go back there. I just dont feel like everyone is as caring here as they were in provo. It seems like there isnt anyone around to help me out. We got interviewed by our mtc president but it was only like a min long cause he didnt have a lot of time to talk to us and he just asked if we need to confess anything, to read the book of mormon in 19 days and asked to see a picture of my family. I didnt feel like he really feel like he cared at all. I just feel so homesick. its confusing and i just feel so down right now. Lima its self is really busy and kind of run down but hopefully my are up north will be nicer. I love you and miss you a ton!!!!

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