Friday, December 23, 2011

Elder Crump

I made it!  I am officially a Peruvian!  Except im like 3 feet taller than everyone, and super white but its ok ill put some tanning oil on and slouch! Haha that was the longest flight of my life!  We were all split up all over the plan!  I think the church planed that...they are already giving us practice!  I sat by a lady from Mexico and her hame was Lilyanna!  She used to be mormon, but now she isn´t so we kind of talked a little bit about that, but she loves the church and missionaries!  So maybe she will come back one day!  I wanted to talk more but she kind of kept changing the subject! haha she tried to teach me spanish, She told me to say ¡Hola! Como estás?  haha i was like thank you! i think im gonna be set for life!  Well we arrived at like 11:30 and then we had to go through customs, and security, and finally clam our baggage!  All my bags made it!  so about this time its like 12:30 so we had to walk out of airport and there are like hundreds of little people outside of baggage clam, waiting for families, and friends!  It was a mad house!  They were all really friendly and were waving and pointing!  haha i felt like a celebrity!  Anyway so we like were waiting outside for our bus, and this thing just comes hauling in!  almost hits like 5 cars and parks perfectly!  It was a was nice bus with seats that recline way back!  Which would have been nice to take a nap because it took like 45 minutes to get to the CCM, but there was so much going on in the street that i had to watch!  Its like 1 in the morning and there are tons of people and cars just going crazy!  At a stop light a guys ran into the street and started juggling fire torches!  It was insane! i think that was the one time I ever wanted a light to NOT turn red! Haha only in peru!  They have like the coolest looking resturants here!  The are a like 2 stories and there are play places in them!  There is like a KFC, and McDonalds on like every corner!  Haha it was way funny! 
The CCM is way awsome! its so small!  Were gonna go play soccer later and the field is beautiful! i cant wait!  Oh yeah i got a native companion his name is Elder Moreno and he is from Mexico! He speaks no english and is kind of quiet, but way nice, we both try hard to talk to eachother, but we havent been too successfull yet! haha  Oh yeah we get actually 2 companions We have a latin one that we are with in all our meals and P Days, and a Native american one who we are in class with!  Try and guess who im with...again!  Haha Elder Reg and i are together again! haha its awsome were in the same room!  This place is awesome! Super confusing, everyone speaks spanish!  But it will get better!
This place seems way chill but there are a lot of rules!  I´ll have to tell you a bunch of them later!  But here is one real quick, At every meal, you are supposed to eat slow, and you have to eat everything on your plates! They wont let you throw anything away, and you cant share any food with anyone!  I almost couldnt do it all at lunch!  The food was way good but they gave me this jello thing that was nasty, but i endured! Haha  I love you guys if i can write again i will!  I love you all so much! keep us in your prayers, we are gonna need them here!
All my Love,

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