Saturday, December 24, 2011

Elder Collins

    Im so glad that you got my letters! ive been worried that no one has recieved any of my letters! They said they would do a rush delivery so that you would get them in time for Christmas! Haha i love the picture! im still trying to figure out how to send some pictures to you! I miss you guys so much and im grateful that i now realize how much i love my family. Most missionarys here talk about there friends a ton but all i can talk about is my family! So here for Christmas they spend all day Christmas eve preparing a big meal and party and then at midnight they shoot off fireworks and eat. haha kind of different you would think its the fourth of july or something. today is our Pday. It should be a fun day. We get to email in the morning then if we want do laundry but who wants to do that on christmas eve. then were having a big lunch for like two hours. Its suppossed to be good food but im not to sure about that..i know for a fact im going to be missing some italian cooking tonight! Then we have two movies! ive been saying that if we get to watch lion king on my mission i know the church is true, well i guess the Lord really wanted me to strengthen my testimony because we get to watch lion king and polar express!! english!!! Tommorrow we get to watch mr. krugers christmas. What movie are you guys seeing today? Then after the movies we just get free time and we have a soccer tournament under the lights tonight! its so fun playing under the lights! Its funny because the Latinos always think they will destroy us but they never realize how aggresive we actually play! we made the ultimate team of north americans we cant be beat it gets pretty heated and its our chance to take some aggression out on the annoying latins.haha that probably sounds bad. tommorow is church and a temple walk and thanks to my request to the president we get to have cinnimon rolls for breakfast! hear that Max? ill just pretend your sitting next to me eating one with me tommorrow! I have some good friends here but im sad because they are in a different mission. Elder Levos, Elder Hyde and Elder Hales. and i dont think i have told you about my new latino companion that ive had for the last three weeks! his name is Elder Avila and he's from Peru. I love him so much more than my last one. He is so nice and just cheerful person. i think its because he's from Peru and not Mexico.  I have noticed the medication working a little bit. The biggest thing im doing to just being freakishly positive about everything. when i do this it makes me realize how much complaining goes on and how much i used to complain. I love Elder Packard so much and am so grateful for his help. i dont know his first name but im sure i can figure out some how. I cant tell you thanks enough for all of your support. it helps me out so much! im way glad to here that Myles didnt break his ankle! geeze that could have ended the season for good. I miss you guys so much! i cant wait to open my package i was going to wait until later tonight. What did everybody ask for? Whats Santa bringing? You have to let me know what everyone gets. Thanks again for the 25 days of christmas letters its so nice being able to read one everynight and i love being able to read your guys letters! i love getting letters! Im going to miss being home for Christmas and i know dad always laughs when i say this but this time its more real it just doesnt feel like Christmas sometimes. But hey i think that is maybe a good thing. Tell everyone thanks for sending me packages i hope i get them all. hopefully they all know to send them to the mission home and not this postoffice. I hope you guys have a great night! i honestly cannot thank you enough for all your prayers and love. i know thats the only way i can make it through the day! Im really nervous to go out into the field and leave Nick but ive been praying like crazy to be blessed with a great first companion. I hope my mission president is nice too. Last saturday we went contacting again and i got into 4 houses and taught 4 lessons. We got one guy named Julio to pray and he started crying after and i gave him a book of mormon and promised him he would know its true if he just read a little bit of it and prayed about it! I love you guys so much! have a great night and know that im constantly praying for you and miss you so so so much!!! Merry Christmas thanks mom for all that you do and thanks Dad for your advice i always need it. it seems like forever to be here but i hope i start getting used to all of it. Love you so much!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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