Friday, December 23, 2011

Elder Collins

Hey! i just got back from outside the prison. we went to the temple. It was way cool, the temple is super small here and all packed in tightly but it is still awesome. i tried doing some of the session in spanish but had to switch my translator on. I even tried a little in italian to see how dad felt. It is starting to get hot here and way humid so im always sweating. For thanksgiving they had all the N americans come to dinner an hour early and had a thanksgiving type dinner all ready for us. it was way nice of them. President got up to talk to us and just started crying. He told us how much he loved us and appreciated our service and that he knows how hard it is on our families to be gone and that he just wanted to feel as much at home as possible that day. We even got pumpkin pie and football. My team of course won! I almost wanted to cry because i was just complaining how he doesnt care about us and that he just wants to leave. And then he goes and does that. Also he extended his time to another year and a half. It was weird and kind of hard not being at home during thanksgiving knowing what you were all doing at what times of the day. How was the cabin did you get a good tree? Im trying so hard for the spanish to come, we have to go door contacting on saturday and im so nervous. When i tried to talk to the people at the store after the temple i just started panicking and couldnt remember any spanish. We play soccer a lot and hopefully i will get decent, i pulled my groin during the football game on thanksgiving so i have been super sore this week. the stairs havent been my friend. This is my last week with my latin companion. its bitter sweet. He is a nice guy and trys to help me with spanish but he is just super immature. All the latins here are, also they have  a tendency to be pretty lazy. Haha they take so long to get ready in the morning. also they talk about us but we can understand some of the stuff they are saying now so i can call them out on it. Hopefully i get mail this week it sucked not getting any last week have max write on my facebook wall what my address is so people will freaking write me. How is everyone doing? i wish i could see the snow. I miss snow. I look up the weather everyday here to see if its snowing. probably shouldnt do that cause it makes me sad. My teachers here are super funny and im trying to teach them some english so i taught me one teacher how to say"dude thats sick". haha he has the strongest acent when he says it so its pretty funny. I with i got more freaking email time. They dont even have a printer to print stuff off. I miss you so much and pray for you constantly. Hope all is well love you!!

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