Friday, December 23, 2011

Elder Crump

Hey Family how are you! I love Wednesdays too! They are the greatest!! So things here are going great! Last Wednesday we got to go into the city, and go touring around! It was by far the greatest day here! It was so cool! First we went to the a catholic monastary, and toured around it! It was so sweet! It felt like i was in the game assasins creed! There were so many, painting, sculptures, and stuff that dates back to the 16th century! There was so much history! They have this library that has like first additions to so many books! It was such a cool historical place! Oh then we got to go down into the catacombs! Now was so cool! It was full of bones, full skeletons from the 16th century! The placed was lined with skulls, and bones! It was way creepy, but so cool! Then we got to go just hang out in the city! We went shopping in the stores, and the little shops, i got you guys some good stuff! Its funny but i know you will like it! I think im gonna send some stuff home after i leave here, so i will just be a late christmas present for you guys! Then we got to go and get food! Real food! It was so amazing! I never realized how much i missed pizza! Haha it was so good!! It was such a fun day! The president and his wife are so nice, and they bought us all treats, and they took us around all over looking at stuff! I got some really cool pictures! I cant wait for you to see them!! Im gonna try to send pictures i think i figured out how to do it! So things have been going really good with Reg! I love that kid so much! We are having so much fun out here, and its making it fun for everyone! Haha story time at 10:15 each night is the greatest! There are at least like 15 elders that cram into our room, and they all sit around my bed! Its so funny! The christmas decorations really are so awesome! Everyone is jealous of our room, haha its so festive! They all say they love you momma crump for the stories! It makes their night! So everything has been going really great! I feel like i know more and more spanish everyday! Our lessons are going really good, but its getting a little annoying, because we are kind of getting sick of just teaching our teachers! Were ready for real investigators! Haha i cant wait to get out there! I know i am not gonna know like any spanish, but it will be ok ill learn! I cant believe its almost christmas! Its wierd to think that it is cold back home, because it is so hot here! The only time it feels like christmas, is when we are in our rooms with our christmas decorations, and because we crank the AC way low so it feels like Utah! Haha i dont think our latins like it too much, but its all good! So guess what we got new latins, and i didnt get one this time! I was the only elder who didnt! Mine for some reason didnt show up! A part of me was fine with it, but i miss having a little latin buddy always at my side! haha so now im in a trio with Elder Reg, and his! So pretty much he is my companion too! His name is elder avila! He is way nice, and he is always trying to do stuff for us! He is really good at soccer, which is no suprise, but i give him a run for his money! I scored on him the other day! Haha he wasnt too happy about that! But no he is awesome! Today after the temple, he bought elder collins and i a pizza! We were like what!! He is too good to us! I think next time we go out im gonna buy him something for christmas! Oh yeah this is way funny last night, he was looking at my ties, and he saw our mission prep tie that all of our friends signed, and was like amazed by it! He wanted it, and was like how much for it? I told him it was special to me and i cant sell it to him! Then he just starts whipping out all this money! I was like no no sorry i cant! Then he is like please! And he offers me 250 soles, which is like $120 bucks in america! I was like no way! I CANT TAKE YOUR MONEY! Haha i told him sorry, but i think he understood! Haha maybe thats what ill have to find for him, a really cool tie! I really do love it here! This place is so beautiful, and i feel the spirit so strongly! I am so happy to be here with reg, he has such a big heart for everyone that he meets, and i know he is going to be such an amazing missionary! We were meant to be here together, to help eachother out! He has helped me so much, and hopefully i have helped him! I know that Heavenly Father will bless us on this mission! I know that he will always be with us when we need him! 
So i have gotten a bunch of letters from you guys! The last one was about the peru article, and where BYU destroyed Hawaii! Man i miss football! Really football! Anyway i have sent like 5 or 6 letters to you guys so i dont know whats going on there! They should be just fine on postage,because it goes through the pouch system! If you could would you send stamps? I cant buy any unless i go to the post office! And we never have time to go! I hope everything is going good with corinne, and trev in finals! Tell them good luck and I love them!!
I love you guys so much! Hopefully you get my letters soon!!
All my Love,

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