Friday, December 23, 2011

Elder Crump

Hey Family and friends!  So I think this might be the last chance I can email before we head out to PERU!  Everything is going great here!  I was finally just getting used to this place and now we have to leave! But its ok, because I am so ready to get out of this cold weather!  Ok so guess what! Every sunday during sacrament meeting our president picks out two missionaries out of the crowd to give a 3 to 5 minute talk in sacrament meeting! Oh yeah and I has to be in spanish!  So we all have to prepare a talk, on a topic, and have it ready just in case!  So the day before i got asked to give the prayer in priesthood meeting, so i was like ok sure!  Then later that day they are like, since you four are leaving to Peru, were gonna have you guys bless and pass the sacrament.  Elder Collins and I were to bless the sacrament, and the other two to pass.  So i was like ok thats fine, i mean im nervous cause it has to be in spanish, but its ok!  Then Later that night they came up to me a third time, and said actually never mind you dont have to do either of them, your off the hook!  Um ok i have learned through experience that i can never trust the MTC in what they tell me, so i was like great they are gonna have me be one of the speakers!  So i made sure my talk was all set, and by all set making sure that i copied it correctly from Preach my Gospel in spanish! Haha  So we get into sacrament and they stand up, and sure enough they pick me, and a missionary that has been here for like 11 weeks!  I was so nervous!  I stumbled on a few words, but i think it was ok!  I mean i read from the paper like the whole time, but its all good!  Haha i told the missionary to say my spanish was muy bonita (Beautiful) when he got up, and he did and everyone laughed!  haha good times!  So how is everyone doing?  I love you all!  Mom if you could, can you find out shaunie, alta, and paige roberts address for hawaii?  I might send you a letter for them to send but when you find out can you just let me know thanks!
Thank you for the packages! I just picked them up! Everyone was so mad, and me cause i got like 5 from you!  Haha we had to hurry and hide them in our room, because everyone was staring at me when i picked them up! haha i loved it!  I cant wait to open them!  But its gonna be so hard to wait to open the others on christmas!!!!  But its ok i will do it!  Haha  I have loved it here at the MTC!  Its been such an amazing adventure!  I have met so many friends!  I am gonna miss like my whole floor of my dorm haha ok not all of them, i hate the kids that like wake up like at 5:30 to shower, but besides them i love everyone! haha  Well i am so excited to head out!  I'll call you when i get off the plane in Atlanta, so keep your phones on you and be ready!  Im sending the tape and my pictures to you tomorrow! I love you guys so much! All of you!
All my Love,

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