Friday, December 23, 2011

Elder Crump

Hey Family/Friends!

So it is laundry day again, and i succesfully did my own laundry, without messing anything up! (Knock on wood)  But yeah this week has been awesome!  It went by so fast!  We had to teach like three new people this week, so we practiced door contacting, and just more lessons!  But yesterday we had TRC which is where people, come in and pretend to be investigators for us to practice on!  but yesterday we had actual members of the church, like returned missionaries, and mothers that are lds and just are looking for something more in their lives!  We were so nervous, because first of all we had like no time to prepare a lesson, we had no idea what to teach them because we are so used to non members, and C. if we are teaching returned missionaries, they are already to good to teach its like they should teach us!  Ha ha we were nervous but we did it! the first one was a little shaky, but the next one was awsome! He was from Peru, and we just hit it off! Also he spoke a little english so it helped!:)  Well i have to go get a hair cut today! Im a little nervous they are not Tammy!  Haha so yes we leave on Wednesday at like 4:00 in the morning!  So i will call around like 12:30 to 3 before our next flight!  Well i love you guys!  I cant believe we are already going to peru on wednesday! i am so excited!!!!  Thank you for the letters and packages they are amazing!!! i love them, and i love you!  The drinks made it and they were delicious!  and the food, was divine!  Haha if you could can you send me the flip flops before we go, more stamps, but international ones, and anything else you think i will need!  I love you guys!  And dad i got your letter, i will do all what you said for the packing!  Dont worry!  Also i will send home pictures, and the tape on monday!  Cant wait to hear back from you guys!
All my Love,

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