Friday, December 23, 2011

Elder Crump

Yeah this place is amazing! But its really hard! The language is so difficult ,and no one speaks a word of english. My companion and I talk a little bit, but we never have really had a real conversation.  My comp is like the only companion that cant speak any english! everyone elses can a little bit so its really frustrating!  The food is good, but the rice is getting old, and sometimes am afraid to get a lot, because if i dont like it, i still have to force it down!  we have 6 in our room Reg, me, and Elder Fenn, and our 3 latin companions! They are all really nice and really trying to help us learn the language!  So everyone has a latin comp and a north american comp.  You pretty much are only with your latin comp at the meals, and at night.  All the rest of the time i with reg, so its nice!  There are so many rules here.  Its worse than provo.  You cant have any food what so ever, outside of the cafeteria.  Whenever you have a free moment, you have to read the book of mormon, which is nice, but we have to have it completely read in three weeks time!  They are so unorganized here, and randomly they will get mad at you for something and all you can do is just sit there and do nothing because you have no IDEA what they are saying!  I just want to learn the language so bad!  That would make this place so awesome!  There are many more rules, its kind of crazy but i know i will be blessed by following them! Oh yeah i was made District Leader. Its awesome, but kind of stressful because half the things they tell me are in spanish so i am really confused most of the time.  Mail only comes like once a week, and not getting mail stinks!  But it just takes time to get here.  Sorry if it sounds a little depressing, it was just a roller coaster of a week!  But i really do love this place!  The soccer field is amazing, and the latins live for this sport!  Haha they get a little to into it!  Which is good because its helping me get better! haha This place is really beautiful! Ill try and send pictures as soon as i can! Our P day is on Wednesday. There is about only like a hundred people here, on like only 8 are sister missionaries! Well i love you guys hopefully ill get mail next week!  Keep us in your prayers! We really need it!  This place is very frustrating, but i know that if i have faith heavenly father will bless me!  I love you guys!
All my Love,

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