Friday, December 23, 2011

Elder Collins

Hey Everyone! so i have been here for a whole week now and it is very different from provo. Im am feeling a lot better now and am adjusting to the usual routine. i honestly wanted to go home so bad the first two days. My companion Elder Meza is good to have because he can understand english pretty well so he always wants to speak in english and will translate for me. The only down fall is that he is suppossed to speak spanish a lot so i have to pick up on it but he likes english. I think me and Nick are getting along real good down here. I am definatly grateful for him here so someone knows who i am coming from sort of. It sucks only emailing once a week and getting letters only once a week too. also not receiving any is a bummer too. The food is ok here. sometimes its just kind of bland tasting. The first four days i was having a hard time eating it and having to eat it all because they wont let you leave without finishing your plate. no wasting. So one night i prayed that i could start eating and learning to like the food and what do you know? Boom! spegetti for lunch. lets just say i know how to pray. The weather here is just warm, its not hot or cold its just always warm. There actually isnt even a word for warm in spanish the closest thing is caliente which is hot. The Latinos here are pretty funny. They cant ever remember if im elder crump or elder collins so most people just say Elder. Haha have you ever seen a Latino play basketball? that is a funny sight! One funny story, so there is this Latino Zone leader who just got called to that position like the second day we were here. He is so funny the power totally went to his head, he is only incharge of latinos but he likes to walk around with his folder and order people to do stuff including me but i cant understand what he is saying so i just kind of laugh. He is always creating his own rules, like the other day he declared that no one could do laundry and that one is going to email today!? haha ya right. but he was arguing with me the other day about if you practice teaching the same investigator everytime or if you change everytime i said you change and he didnt think so. So when the teacher walked in he gets up and yells "all the Norte Americanos say that its this way and all the Latinos here say its this way" haha it was just me and him talking but he decided to segurgate the whole Mtc. Ya i was right and he got quiet. Its hard teaching with the Latins because they just jump straight into the lesson and dont get to know the person they are teaching. then again its there first week out here so they havent learned how to begin teaching methods yet. It's funny because i know that if i could teach in English i could freaking already have like 10 baptisms! i feel like i have the basic principle of the first lessons down so well but i just cant say what i want to say. I was practicing teaching my teacher and i tried to say some stuff in spanish but i couldnt get it out correctly so he just told to say it in english. so i did and he said i did it perfect. I was hoping that we would be learning a lot of spanish here but it seems like they are just reteaching the same principles that we learned in provo. Why did you say it's a small world with Elder Hjorth? is he the Andrew from the village? if so thats way weird. i was wondering if you could send me grandma chases email, and mitch's email. I will write them letters but just tell grandma that she wont get it for probably a week but not to worry i didnt forget her. We are going to the temple today. and after we are aloud to go to the store and buy food but we have to eat it there. So i am going outside of the gates for the first time. The city that the mtc is in is pretty run down and trashy but it does look like some parts of california. you are always hearing sirens at night and people honking at eachother. Hopefully my mission wont have that as much. Well i miss you so much! i keep thinking how weird it will be when i come back and Myles is in College, max will start driving, anna in middle school and sam will be probably a whole different person! I love you so much and miss you a ton! thanks for all of your love and support to me!!
Love reg

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