Saturday, December 24, 2011

Elder Crump

Merry Christmas family!!!

I cant believe its already christmas eve!!!  This place has been so much fun!  So I have some news..Elder Collins and I are companions no more!  But its ok, the kid that came in just barley got his visa, he has been in provo for the past 7 weeks so they decided to let him spend his last 2 weeks here!  He is way nice, his name is Elder Stephens and he is from Texas!  I was sad to not be with Reg, but its good, because on Wednesday who knows where we will be going, and its good to slowly separate, instead of just cold turkey!  So today is going to be a party!!!  We have P day all day long!  So first off we get to email for an hour today which is good, because we dont get to call! (Hey but be ready just in case on wednesday or thursday, because sometimes if your mission president is way nice they might let you call when you get to your area!  So be ready!)  But yeahg after that we get to go hang out, do laundry, write letters, and take pictures!  Then at Lunch we are having a Christmas Eve Feast!  Our president ordered food for each of us to have three helpings!!  Its going to be a buffet of delicious (real food) and its gonna last all day long!!  Then at like 2 we are watching movies!  Guess what one of them is?  The LION KING!!!  I almost squealed like a little girl when I heard that!  haha then we are watching the Polar express!!  One of my favorites!!  Then We have dinner, and we are playing board games after,(UNO!:))  I am stoked!  I will keep the crump name alive by destroying at that game!! haha!  Then best of all we get to play soccer under the lights!  For like 2 hours!!!  I am so excited!! we have the dream team!  We are unstoppable!!  Yesterday we dicovered it!  Its , Elders; Crump, Collins, Fenn, Richardson, Levos, Hyde, Hales, Chatwin, Fackrall, and Stephens!  We are awesome!  I had like 2 goals yesterday, elder collins had one, and between the others we had like 5 more goals!!  I am so excited for tonight!!  We are gonna dominate the Latinos!! haha  Then after soccer we are watching Mr. Kreagers Christmas, i dont think i have seen that one but I hear its good!  Its gonna be such a fun day!!  I am sad that i am not home, but im having so much fun that i am not feeling homesick!  Which is so good!  Heavenly Father has really been blessing me while I`m here!  There are days that are harder than others, but whenever i am feeling discouraged, i kneel down and Pray, and Instantly i am filled with the spirit!  I love it here!  I have made so many friends, and i think the hardest thing is going to be having to say goodbye!  But i am so excited to get out there!  I am still terrible at spanish, haha, but I know the Lord will bless me and tell me what to say! 
So we went tracking again last saturday, and It was awesome!  A little scary because elder stephens and I are both White, and dont know hardly any spanish!! haha But it was good because we got to have one of the missionaries in the area with us!!!  We Talked to a lot of People, and we actually taught a lot more lessons than i thought!!  But the coolest was we came upon this old lady and she was so sweet!  She started telling us her life story and kind of was rambling on, and she talked about all her dissablities that she has and how she doesnt belong to any church.  So when we brought out the Book of Mormon, she started to cry, and was so happy that we found her!  It was such an amazing expirence, that shows me that there actually are people who pray everyday for some missionaries to come knock on their door!  I know that there are people waiting for me, and i know that if i am intune with the spirit, i will be directed to them!  This was an awesome day, and even though i couldnt understand her, and she really couldnt understand me, we both felt the spirit, and thats all that matters.  I cannot wait to find these people!! I am so excited!!  I just wanted to tell all of you how much i love you all!  Thank you for your support, your love, and your prayers!  It makes it so much easier to be out hear knowing that back home i have peopole who love and support me!  I am so grateful to be a missionary!  I am so lucky to be here, and i cannot wait for what adventures lie ahead!!
Merry Christmas again!! Corinne Congrats on Finals!! I have been praying for you constantly so im glad you did good!! I am so proud of all of you!  I hope you all have a merry christmas!! I love you so so much!!  May we always remember the true meaning of christmas, and live it throughout the entire year!  Remember what Christ has done for, us and if you do, I promise that your life will be blessed forever!! 
I love you so so so much!!
All my Love,
ps. You might be getting a suprise, either today or tomorrow on christmas just have you phone with you!  :)

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